Perky, LLC is a clothing innovation company. We are in business to find solutions to every day clothing problems.

In 2015 founder, David M. Frankel, invented the Perky Collar, collar support for dress shirts. He wanted to create a tool to help men and women maintain a high collar, professional look without having to wear a tie. He developed a solution to make the collar stiff while leaving the rest of the shirt smooth and comfortable.

His product is designed to be used in conjunction with collar stays, since collar stays prevent collars from curling and the Perky Collar lifts up the top button region of a dress shirt, it is a perfect combination. 

When wearing additional layers such as blazers, sweaters and jackets the droopy collar problem magnifies as the collar tucks under the additional layer and the folded placket gets worse.

We all have shirts in our closet that we don't wear any more because the collar is aweful. Instead of donating or throwing away the shirts with falling collars, now you have another option to resurect those collars and wear some of your favorite shirts again.

Many of us wear a tie only because we hate how our collar looks without one. With the Perky Collar, you have another option. Pick up yours today at 

While you are on the website you will find some other great innovative tools like pocket square holders that prevent pocket squares from unfolding and falling down in your jacket, holeless belts that adjust by pivoting the buckle, bow tie lapel buttons that add a great touch of color to your blazer without poking dreaded holes in the fabric and finally, dull Stainless Steel Button Up Collar Stays that not only keep your collar from curling but they aren't so sharp that they poke holes in your shirt fabric and they can help you fasten buttons on your shirt sleeve. All of these innovations are available on the website plus great fashion items too to compliment any wardrobe. The fashion items include bow ties, pocket squares, pocket rounds, dress socks, suspenders and our newest line of silk pocket squares and silk scarves designed by David's teenage daughter, Sydney. So please take a minute and explore all that Perky, LLC- The Clothing Innovation Company has to offfer. 

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