Extra' Adds Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst as Correspondent. Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst has joined the newly revamped Daytime Emmy Award-winning, nationally syndicated entertainment news program “Extra.” Kryst joins host Billy Bush as well as correspondents Jennifer Lahmers, Renee Bargh and Nate Burleson. - 


DELTA AIRLINES/ZAC POSEN Fashion Designer working with Charlotte Seen In 2016 Charlotte Seen was honored to be in the launch for Zac Posen's designs for Delta Airlines new uniforms. "Delta Air Lines gave a first look at long-awaited new crew uniforms for more than 60,000 workers in 2016 and was very honored to have Charlotte Seen to assist us with our models, logistics, show productions and back of house." said E. Dimbiloglu. Charlotte Seen had the pleasure to work with celebrity New York fashion designer Zac Posen, whose work has included outfits for high-profile women such as first lady Michelle Obama, Uma Thurman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Claire Danes and Rhianna. Given Posen's status as a star of the red carpet, set the partnership with Delta and has heightened anticipation among industry observers about the carrier's new look.
CONGRATULATIONS Cheslie Kryst, Miss USA 2019, GOOD LUCK with Miss Universe.
I personal message from Cheslie Kryst "God deserves all the thanks and praise for this incredible and life-changing moment. Last night was so surreal that I keep waiting to wake up. Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years, thanks to my friends and family who flew all the way to #RenoTahoe just to be there for me, and thanks to everyone who has sent me a text, DM, Facebook message, email, or called me. It is a blessing to have so much support from you all and I promise I’ll do my level best to respond to each one of you. I’m on my way to New York now to move into my new apartment and I couldn’t be more thrilled and grateful. I’m Miss USA 2019, Cheslie Kryst". Her message on May 8, 2019 "Day one of my media tour was incredible!!! After dropping by Good Morning America, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and Inside Edition, I did a few additional interviews with @refinery29, @insider, @tmz_tv, and @gamecocksonline!! Check out my story for some highlights from today and to listen to my interview with TMZ, where I talked about my work as an attorney and a pro bono case I have with a lawyer Kim Kardashian West works with, Brittany Barnett" She also was featured on Inside Edition!!
CONGRATULATIONS Cheslie Kryst, Miss USA 2019!!!Charlotte Girl Magazine


Charlotte Girl Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Christmas Ball - December 2016

Charlotte Fashion Week 2016 - Southern Style

Passport for Fashion is on it's sixth year and has over 2,500 attendees in one evening. The Year 2016 Passport For Fashion Show will be called "Carousel".  A high end fashion show themed after a vintage circus.  See fashion, style and new trends.  Meet the designers and models.

Charlotte Fashion Week has over 6000 attendees during the week long events.  Charlotte Fashion Week started in 2010 and in 2015 the show will be called "The Journey". Rita Miles quoted it best "Fashion is a journey, style is a destination".

Year to Date

Charlotte Seen is responsible for producing Charlotte’s premier high-end fashion shows and galas/balls. Each year we host four major events; Passport for Fashion, Charlotte Fashion Week, The Seen Ball, and The Fashion Seen Ball. Charlotte Seen has been a driving force in the Charlotte Hospitality and Tourism with over 50,000 attendees to their show over a 5 year span.

Charlotte Seen provides the opportunity for local and non-local models, fashion designers and hair and makeup artists to display their extraordinary talents to thousands of admirers, customers, scouts on a grand scale, as well as give an opportunity to sponsors and supporters to grow their brand, product awareness and network with prosperous and affluent people of business and the community.  Each of these events creates an experience that attendees can indulge in through upscale venues, elegant decor, white glove service and a one of a kind production.

Year after year attendees rave about the experience of a lifetime. The Charlotte Seen audience returns each year to see what emerging designers have burst on to the fashion seen, what their favorite designers are showcasing each season, and what extreme hair and makeup designs can be brought to life. This creates a loyal following as well as attracts thousands of new attendees each year.

The attendees, participants and volunteers have grown to become not only an audience but friends and family of the Charlotte Seen brand. Each of these elite fashion events provides a unique platform for our sponsors to reach their audience in addition to the already hundreds of loyal fans attending Charlotte Seen fashion events. It also provides a stepping stone to a market not yet tapped in Charlotte and its surrounding areas.

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Charlotte Fashion Week Charlotte Fashion Week Bridal and CoutureCharlotte Fashion Week When in Rome
Charlotte Fashion Week Veni Vidi Vici
Charlotte Fashion Week 2012


Passport Fro Fashion 2012


Charlotte Fashion Week/ Charlotte Seen Fashion Week 2011


Charlotte Fashion Week 2013 - Recyclable Designer Emily Kramer

CharlotteFashionWeek 3

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2015 Charlotte Seen Pinup Calendar
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"I loved last year's production and I know this year will only the greater!"
- LaDàna Drigo
"New York, Paris, Charlotte, London - your show was up there with the BEST.  Unbelievable show!"
- Todd Alaum
Owner of Scarlett Boutique
"The show was amazing, you and your team did a tremendous job!  Thank you so much for letting me be apart of it."
- Colin Furcht
Owner of CBAY charlotte
"Had an awesome weekend witnessing and participating in Charlotte Fashion Week with Charlotte Seen."
- Charia Dillard
"Thank you so much for all of your hard work and support in producing a spectacular show.  i am honored to have been a part of it and greatly appreciate being given the opportunity!  I look forward to workign with Charlotte Seen in the future.  All of the coordinating you all did made life so much easier.  And an extra thanks for the networking to get me on two tv shows!"
Candace Frieden
"What a marvelous experience you provided for Savory Stories! thank you so much for all you did, along with your staff, to make our experience Saturday night a joy! Here's to more fabulous experiences with you and your staff and company"
- Savory Stories, LLC
"Rita, thank you so much for everything you did to execute Passport for Fashion.  The event was an absolute success and you made it possible.  i was thrilled to work with you and look forward to next time.  Keep in touch!"
- Franklin Headen
"I'm one of the models for this year's fashion week, which is a complete honor! So first and foremost I would like to that the time to say thank you to all the wonderful and creative people who have made it possible."
- Bre Evans
Ashley Slaght
A. Slaght stated from a model call "I enjoy my experience! When waiting for my audition I met some wonderful models, one of which has done Charlotte Fashion Week for a total of 3 times! She was fabulous and the way she spoke of her experiences was so exciting and she was so passionate about it! She hyped me up for the hopes of being apart of Charlotte Fashion Week this year!"
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 Parent Testimonial
"In 2013, our then 8 year old son Mateusz Wojnarowicz participated as a runway model at Charlotte Seen Fashion Week. The Charlotte Seen modeling experience was one of the best of his young career. Charlotte Seen owners Ms. Rita Miles and Mr. Rob McDowell present a stellar audition with full t-shape black platform runway and encouraging model coach at the height of the runway. At the audition, Ms. Miles even took time to personally practice with our child and several other children. The Charlotte Scene owners, designers, hair and make-up stylists, and staff regarded child models and their families with utmost professionalism and respect making this an event we were grateful and honored for our child to be part of."
                                                                         -Mrs. Brigette Wojnarowicz, Mother