Veronica’s art is a synthesis of realistic and abstract forms with a reverence for Nature with a special connection to birds. She has earned an MFA from RMIT in Melbourne.

Her art is influenced by her previous work experience in the graphic arts, working as a freelance illustrator for magazines such as Glamour and Entertainment Today as well as a consultant and logo designer for financial firms in New York City.

Her exhibitions in Hong Kong have included group exhibitions at the White Tube Gallery and solo exhibitions at the Uma G gallery as well as the Fringe Galleries.

She has been a resident of Charlotte for 5 years and has exhibited at the The Catalyst in downtown Charlotte as well as at Le Meridien Hotel and the Mint Hill Art Gallery. She is also proud to be among the winners of the 2016 ArtPop in Charlotte. Her work is currently exhibited at the Scottsdale Art Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona.

Veronica loves contributing to safealliance, an organization that helps families in the community escape violence, through their annual fundraiser “Art with Heart”.

Instagram @veroartist

Deviant Art/veroartist

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