His educational background includes a Creative Arts degree with a concentration in Visual Arts.He is a designer,wardrobe stylist,and creative event coordinator.
Designer Statement-
As early as I can remember, I have always loved drawing, painting, and creating.
Body Attitude” is the theme for my Fall 2017 runway looks.I love to watch and study people. I enjoy creating looks for clients that will reflect their personality ,lifestyle,and work for their specific body type.” The late American Designer Patrick Kelly truly inspired me.He grew up in the South but became "all the rage" in Paris during the 80's and 90's.His runway shows were creative fun,and unyielding. I continue to research archives and study his collections.Like Patrick my designs and runway presentations represent creative and artistic ideas with a bit of whimsy.I often use found objects and vintage pieces in my work. My motto- "Fashion is Art ...and YOU are the canvas.