Hi, I'm Noelle and I've been blessed with joining the Charlotte Seen family. I currently hold many crowns in our community from helping with a Tiny Cheer team at Cheer Extreme Allstars to the Social Chair in our neighborhood and also the title of Co-Director for North Carolina's Perfect Athlete. I have two of the sweetest littlest loves that keep me on my toes and teach me so much more about what really matters in life. My 5yr old daughter gives me a run for my money but dives head first into everything she has any interest in. It's been a joy to watch her strut and twirl her stuff on the Charlotte Seen stages. I have a passion for volunteering and I love everything Charlotte Seen stands for with the shows and the awareness they bring from bullying to animal love. I've loved model styling and helping to ensure the show goes on from back of house. The craziness is not so bad when your doing it with people you can laugh with