Grace Muwawa

As of August 2016 House of Muwawa has been providing high fashion with a unique cultural urban flare. Grace Muwawa is the owner and operator of House of Muwawa. Grace has always had a passion for fashion, helping others and promoting positive self-esteem. House of Muwawa donates a percentage of its events proceeds to the Heberande Foundation. The Hebrande Foundation is an organization located in a small village, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is an organization that is dedicated in helping the homeless, abandon and orphaned children. House of Muwawa is committed to helping the children in any way available to them and most importantly teaching the children the love of Jesus Christ.
House of Muwawa clothing line consists of accessories such as Hats and clothing that ranges from jerseys to feminine ruffle tops. Grace’s African heritage is reflected in the various patterns and colors used throughout the line. House of Muwawa also believes in collaborating with up and coming local artists. Limited edition clothing is a result of these collaborations. 
House of Muwawa is all about empowerment! Whenever you put on House of Muwawa we want you to feel empowered and like royalty. House of Muwawa is not just a brand; it is about embracing your true identity and being able to announce to the world that you are DESTINED TO RULE.