Christina Cobb is a contemporary painter and author living, loving and creating in Charlotte, NC.  Cobb grew up a native Charlottean of a native Charlottean and lives in constant conversation with God the Father of light, life and connection.  It is within the nest of North Carolina and through these conversations with the Divine, she continues to explore and discover her visual language as it connects to the spiritual journey in all of us.

 After graduating from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and art education, Cobb has since embarked on a journey that has kept her heart near the canvas but her hands busy until recently.  “The nature of life as a single mother has kept creating a sporadic venture but the experience of the process constant.  There has never been a season that the conversation of line, shape, balance and beauty has left my thoughts.  I have learned to live each moment creatively because of the periods I could not translate to surface the artistic conversation I was having with the world around me.”

 Now in a long-awaited season of creative fruitfulness, you will find Christina joyfully in her studio! You will also find her art a form of visual storytelling conveying moments of interactions with the muses of connectedness, completeness and community by her side. She works primarily with paint and non-traditional materials and is known by her mark making and layers upon layers of color. The philosophy that everything is a product of an experience and an extension of self, frames each work, conveying stories of movement and ideas of color through light, lines, and layers.

“My art is an extension of myself and my days; the essence of living in my world.”

Aside from attending shows, you can also follow her on Instagram, Twitter and check out her website and don’t forget the to read her heart in upcoming books, “The Most Beautiful Part of Me” and “PTSD:  Possibly the Most Surprising Delivery.”

Commissions, Murals, Interior Statements

Speaker, Writer and Believer