I am a mother of 5 beautiful daughters, wife, and business owner. I have been designing clothing since age 7. My love of fashion comes from the era I grew up in. Born in the 80s and growing up in the 90s, I've seen the evolution of fashion. I've always been the person that would cut up a pair of jeans or bedazzle a pair of shoes just to stand out. In 2000 I decided to open up my own fashion business. I was basically a freelance designer that designed and manufactured garments out of simple items like bandannas and tank tops. In 2014 I decided to design my own line, I name it Fashyon House. I've opened 3 brick and mortar locations and have been in several successful fashion shows. In my years of designing I've received 3 awards for my work ( Material Girl Honoree, 2nd Place in T.O.P Hair and Fashion Show, and Recipient of Woman on the Rise Award from ACHI Foundation). Never did I imagine receiving such recognition for something I'm so passionate about. Now I am working on opening my own mobile boutique and teaching my daughters how to own their own businesses.